Heading to the Riviera

It is finally the year we can see some of our junior champions return in style to the Senior Classes!
Not only this but we will also bring a super mother and son combination to show you how the breeding program progresses.
All will be presented by Giacomo Capacci and have been prepared with love by the Aljassimya Farm team.


by Kahil Al Shaqab ex LC Primavera by Padrons Psyche

Scottsdale International Gold Champion Mare 2018


We are delighted to announce the return of World and Menton Yearling Filly Champion Minwah to the arena as a mature mare.  She began this year with a Gold title at Scottsdale and is ready to show you what an amazing mare she has grown into.


Photo by: Gigi Grasso

Qutuz Aljassimya

by Al Ayal AA ex Minwah by Kahil Al Shaqab

Scottsdale International Silver Champion Yearling Colt 2018


Making his debut in Europe this beautiful colt is a special combination of his outstanding mother and the three times leased Al Ayal AA. Make sure to get close enough to see his eyes,
you won't see many better than this.


Photo by: Gigi Grasso

Om El Aisha Aljassimya

by WH Justice ex Om El Aliha by Om El Al Azeem

Las Vegas ABWC Silver Champion Mare 2018


From a Princess to a Queen

Like Minwah she is starting a senior career after a break from
the showring, producing our  next generation. Like all the
WH Justice daughters she just gets more and more beautiful
as she matures. Please enjoy!


Photo by: Emma Maxwell

Please stay tuned for more Menton News!