Qutuz Aljassimya

Qutuz Aljassimya

2016 Bay Stallion.

Bred and Owned by Aljassimya Farm.

Location: Aljassimya Farm, Qatar.


Available by fresh semen in Qatar.

Contact Broderick:  Tel: +974 6602 7735  Email: broderick@aljassimyafarm.com


Qutuz Aljassimya is an excellent choice for those who care about matching the breed standard all the way around the horse - from the tips of the ears to tips of the toes!  He ticks every box.  Neat ears, a great, big dark eye, deep round jowl, wedge shaped head from front and side, clean throat, arched neck and upright attachment to shoulder.  A great shoulder and rib cage, strong loin, strong level croup with upright tail set.  You can then go on down the legs and still find it all there - muscled forearm and gaskin, flat knees, big, clean hocks, nice pasterns and matching round feet.


Topped off with his rich bay colour, jet black skin and masculine but even temperament he is the kind of stallion that appeals to all horseman.  By the wonderful Straight Egyptian Bronze World Champion Stallion Al Ayal AA, who has been popular with so many Middle Eastern breeders, nevertheless he resembles his dam more closely.


His dam is Minwah who was a World Champion in Paris as a youngster and a Senior Champion Mare at the Scottsdale International.  Exactly the same in her colour and colossal eyes, Minwah was the 2019 Leading Dam at the Arabian World Championships for Qutuz and her daughter Mona Lisa - the World Silver Champion Yearling Filly.


Minwah brings in the World Champion heritage of Marwan Al Shaqab through her sire, the Marwan son Kahil Al Shaqab.  Her dam Primavera is a granddaughter of Scottsdale Produce of Dam winner WN Samana from one of the most successful Wayne Newton lines. Truly a superb pedigree and a stunning individual.


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