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Jalal Aljassimya


Monther Al Nasser


Sahm El Arab

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WH Justice

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Jalal Aljassimya

Jalal Aljassimya

2014 grey by WH Justice ex Annaiss by Ansata Nile Echo

Contact, Giacomo Capacci: 
Phone +39 335 44377


Jalal Aljassimya has the perfect Arabian outline combined with the WH Justice type.  Tall but strong in the body, elegant, clean and arched through the neck with a beautiful head, eye and ears,  he could be the ideal way for you to introduce the WH Justice look to your breeding program.  Add to this the classic Ansata Nile Echo as maternal grandsire and the legendary Saskia RJ as a damline and all the pedigree is in a class of its own as well. As a yearling he was Bronze Champion at the Las Vegas ABWC, Gold Champion at the inaugural New York US Arabian Open and a World Top Ten. 
This year he was Champion in Italy where he will remain for the breeding season. Please contact Giacomo for our generous introductory offer.

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Jalal Aljassimya

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