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Monther Al Nasser

Will stand in 2017 at Giacomo Capacci Arabians, Italy.

2016 Unanimous Champion  Scottsdale Egyptian Heritage Stallions.

Monther Al Nasser has had a great year in the USA, winning unanimous Champion Stallion in Scottsdale Egyptian Heritage and siring our beautiful Vegas winner Maysah Aljassimya, as well as many more beautiful 2016 foals.

The time has come for him to return to Europe and be made available to outside breeding again. His oldest daughters have won 2016 National Champion Mare titles in Israel and Germany and those starting to breed their own foals  have been producing some eye-catching babies.

Add to that he has been the perfect gentleman for some of our guests to ride and his first Performance get, Mahir Aljassimya has been one of our winning Hunter Pleasure team. Monther is both Classic and Complete.

For breeding information

For Europe Frozen or Fresh Contact:
Giacomo Capacci.  phone +39 335 44377

For USA Contact:
Bart:  (US)  + 1 805 450 1377   (BELGIUM)  + 32 470 89 60 72

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